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Muhammad Abdul Rahman Sahib


Muhammad Abdul Rahman Sahib is one among the few Malayalees who craved a niche  in National freedom movements. He was born at Azhikode,  Kodungallur in 1898. Abdul Rahiman Sahib was an orator and writer.

His primary education was from Veniyambadi and secondary from Calicut. And College level from Madras and Aligarh. He discontinued his studies at Aligarh University to participate in Non-cooperation movement and Khilafat movement in Malabar.

He pioneered for the growth of Left group along with EMS after being part of Pradesh Congress. This fighter who lived only for fifty years, started the newspaper `Al Ameen as a weapon to fight for freedom. Launched from Kozhikode in October 1924, the proclaimed aim of the newspaper was to strengthen the national freedom movement. It also tried to nurture nationalism among the Muslim community. But the conservatives in the Muslim community disliked his progressive moves. They joined hands with the government and plotted against him. He had to suspend publication of the newspaper several times. In 1930 the government confiscated the press and in 1939 the paper was completely closed down. After independence Al Ameen was re launched by Moidu Maoulavi who was a close disciple of Muhammed Abdura Abdul Rahman, and it continued for a long time.

Being an admirer of Subhas Chandra Bose, Rahman associated himself with the Forward Block formed by Netaji. The Second World War broke out, and Mohammed Sahib was kept in jail from 1940 to 1945 by the British.

After the release from jail, he returned to Calicut and started active participation in Congress activities. But, unfortunately he died on November 23, 1945 at Pottashery village near Chennamangallur just after addressing a public meeting at Kodiyathur.